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We draw on 35 years of asset management experience to provide consulting to a diverse institutional investment clientele.

SUMMA Limited's acquaintance with the practice of institutional investment across asset classes, styles and clienteles is exceptional for its breadth and depth.

SUMMA Limited was created in 2006 to define strategic goals in a US$100 million global infrastructure project for the asset management side of Europe's largest bank.

In the 2016 English High Court case of The Libyan Investment Authority v Goldman Sachs, our CEO provided expert testimony on the investment suitability of US$1.2 billion of OTC options on US$5.2 billion of stock for a nascent sovereign wealth fund. 

In her judgement Lady Justice Rose wrote: "His report is an excellent blueprint for what the LIA ought to have done" (para. 407, EWHC 2530).

Our CEO has designed and managed pension and sovereign wealth fund mandates for many of the world's largest and most prestigious investors.

Consequently, our assignments have been even more diverse than our global clientele.

This affords unique insider insight into the entire institutional investment value-chain from a privileged, senior-level perspective. 

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The CEO of SUMMA Limited has been a member of the Chartered Financial Analysts Society of the UK (CFA UK) and its predecessors since 1981. He qualified as an Associate through the London Stock Exchange and Society of Investment Analysts membership examinations and participates in continuing professional development as a regular member of the CFA Institute.

As a broker and at the UK's largest private pension fund, he developed fundamental research skills, analysing the global petrochemical, pharmaceutical, engineering and financial sectors.

He has been an asset manager, director and partner at top merchant banking, investment banking and asset management firms where he was responsible for pioneering specialist equity, style rotation, quantitative and derivative techniques in the fields of liability-driven investment, tactical asset allocation, currency overlays, indexation and risk management.

He subsequently became the senior expatriate investment professional at four of the world's leading sovereign wealth funds. In each capacity he advanced the exploitation of information technology and finance theory for business advantage, in tandem with derivative techniques and an enduring commitment to continuing education, to deliver superior client solutions.

CEO, Martin Harrison, holds a Masters degree in PPE and two in finance. He did doctoral research in financial economics at the University of London and EDHEC Risk institute and is currently researching sovereign wealth fund investment policy at the University of Oxford.

As an Associate Member of the Academy of Experts (TAE), he is a practising expert witness. He is also an Affiliate Member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

SUMMA Limited engages in non-regulated aspects of investment from strategy, allocation and best practices to risk and sovereign wealth fund management.